Friday, March 18, 2016

Love Wormholes

Oh wormholes...

You beautiful rifts in space that can lead anywhere in the cluster. How I love you so.
I used to fly around shooting people and pirates, now I am up the hole scanning out signatures.

Oh wonderful wormholes.
I <3 you!

Insmother Beckons

After the recent news of the Guristas criminal acts I have taken up the call of the Valkyries and joined my fellow Signal Cartel members out in Insmother to investigate. While my corp mates dive right in to combat the Guristas I find myself distracted by the numerous data and relic sites dotting the region.

At last I am able to get a Relic Site scanned down in XKH-6O and I'm ready to hack it.
At this point I only have Core Scanner Probes in my launcher so I can only get this site hacked within 92%.  I need Sisters Core Scanner Probes. Once I had the probes out again, I completed the scan and found it to be a Sleeper Cache Site. I hacked the first can and a spatial rift opened which led me to a site with both relic and data site cans to hack. Tonight was a great night loot wise for me though.
Then it's time to find my way home. Thankfully Johnny Splunk informed me that he had scanned a wormhole to Thera in AGCP-I so I went scanning. When I arrive there is only one signature to scan so i get to work. When I finish I found the beautiful wormhole waiting to take me to Thera.
Finally, as i approach my home station in Thera, I feel happy and satisfied with the events and loot from tonight's excursion.

o7 - Fly Safe!
Arielle en Distel